Monday, 8 July 2019

What’s your Start-up brand story?

Brandwand | Advertising Agency
Brandwand | Advertising Agency

The reason which makes two brands or businesses selling the same product or service is the story they have got to tell. Pick any successful brand as an example, that has attracted millions of consumers and has kept growing for centuries. They all connect with their consumers through the stories they have.

The startup culture has seen an urge in the number of brands who all have their stories to tell. Stories that are still closed down in lockers with the management unaware on how to use it to their advantage. That’s where marketing comes in. Simply put, marketing is the process of building a picture, frame by frame, of your story and how people can benefit from your product or service.

A really good marketing can thus do wonders in telling stories of these small businesses!

Another concern that small enterprises have is the lack of huge funds, but with a proper plan a good marketing plan can also be executed under a budget. That’s where organizations can make use of Brandwand. Brandwand, as a specialized wing of APPPL Combine, caters to small businesses to help them market and brand their products or services.

Brandwand as an agency believes in making your brand matter and can help the rising superstars to make their own signature in the market by focusing on what needs to be put out and to whom whenever needed.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Have a start up in mind? Let us shape it up for you

Have a start up in mind? Let us shape it up for you
Have a start up in mind?

In the past 5 years, we have seen a boom of startups in every single industry, be it technology, real estate, education, F&B, travel, furniture, etc. There are new startups coming up every single day all around the world.  We all know there’s already a lot of competition in every single industry, hence it’s extremely important to grab the limelight, or else your existence will fade away.

If you are a startup, you need a strong online presence, but you can’t do it all alone. Here’s where we, Brand Wand come in the picture. We have been on top of the marketing game for the past 2 decades. That’s one reason why we understand no two companies require the same kind of marketing services, hence the strategy must also differ. Luckily we have quite a lot of experience in that. Our mastermind, Mr. K. Ranjan has been executing impact ads and campaigns for various esteemed companies.

It is vital for a startup to have their launch as loud as possible as the first wave of communication will form the first perception of the startup in the customer's mind. So what you are communicating to the world must tell your story clearly and this will only happen when you and your marketing agency are on the same page and in sync. This will give your campaign a structure and a strong strategy to follow, as we will analyze who your competitors are, what the typical consumer journey looks like, what competitors are doing, what brands (in and out of your industry) are doing that works and the cost-effective opportunities to explore for your business.

These are just the basics on which the framework of the campaign will be designed. Deciding where all it will be promoted is the next step after designing impactful creatives. It’s important to reach the target audience because if it doesn't, all the investment made in promotions will go to waste as there will be no brand recognition.

Again, if you are a startup, let us help you grab eyeballs and make your business boom!

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Advertising Agency: The Game Changer For Your Brand

Advertising is a form of communication and dissemination of the information which is not personal and is often executed by an advertising agency for their clients.

What are the advantages of an advertising agency?

1.   New Product Announcement: Advertising is one form which helps to disseminate information to a larger audience at once. The new product introduction, new scheme launch, new chain of store etc. all such information can be placed on different or selected mediums based on the nature of the business and the target group via advertising.

2.   Generating Leads: An ad agency can be a good option if you wish to have more leads pouring in. The Brand and the Product needs a considerate amount of market place to set in and start generating leads. An advertising agency can put efforts in the right direction to enable the brand to generate leads and make its products and services known in the market.

3.   Competition Cutting: Effective marketing strategies can easily help in cutting down the competition and make your Brand stand amongst the others. In order to maintain a good foothold in the market, it is necessary to keep the advertising game strong so that your competitors do not snatch your market away.

Thus, it is very important to hire an efficient advertising and marketing agency so that your brand is able to hold its place in the market and among the target audience.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Advertisements; The Game Changer

Advertising is a tool to disseminate information about a product or Brand. It is a technique to target mass media all at once, it also allows us to target specific audience set so that the right messages reach the right audience set at the right time. Below are 3 facts about advertising that helps in making the perfect ad for your Brand.

Ads make your customers impulsive

If an ad campaign is appealing enough, your customers will be compelled to be intrigued about your Brand or the product. This works very well in favour of your Brand as the customer will become more favorable towards you, giving the Brand an upper hand over other competing Brands.

Ads work towards setting assumptions

Advertising agencies work towards creating ads which create a positive impact on the targeted customers and set relevant assumptions, boosting the Brand’s presence and positioning in the market.

Ads make emotions play the main role

Advertisements are mostly integrated with emotions, they play with customer’s thoughts and emotions to smartly place the Brand. Ad agencies are focused towards strategizing and implementing ideas in a way that works wonders for a Brand.

To leverage on the experience of an ad agency, it is must to look for its background and the work done, the more the number of successful campaigns, the better to select that agency for your Brand.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Advertising Agency: For You, With You

Every new business aims to market their product and create a brand awareness among the TG, for this the need of an advertising agency arises. Be it a new brand or an established Brand, everybody requires an advertising or a creative agency at some point in time. Brandwand is an advertising and Brand management agency in Delhi NCR who understands the requirement of a Brand and puts in efforts to take a Brand forward in the market competition. Advertising is not just working towards a Brand, it involves marketing the Brand in every possible sense and at every possible medium like TV, Print, Online, Offline etc.

Developing a strong and efficient marketing strategy is just not enough, it needs to be supported by an equally strong creative. Brandwand not only is your Brand Manager but is also your creative partner. We, together strategize and implement the marketing plan and help support the Brand in terms of marketing and Brand promotion.

We are driven by innovation and we believe that our creativity and innovation can help a Brand beat its competition and move ahead in the market.

Our creative approach, marketing sense and customer-centric approach together brings out the best in a Brand.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

The Importance And 4 R’s Of Branding

“Every brand has a story and branding narrates that story.” Branding is the soul of every business. A good branding strategy clearly defines the goals and objectives of a particular brand to stand out in this competitive environment. Strong Branding means initiating a positive bond between the business and the clients.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Branding Agencies For The Startups

There comes a time where there are ups and downs associated with your company. Especially if you are a new company. Many new organizations begin their success through promotions to make the public more aware of their products. Marketing is one special key element in the system of managing your company. If you fail to market your company well, it will not ensure a rapid growth early on. Therefore promote your product to the public in a very classy and respectable manner which would also uplift the personality of your company.
Branding is all about creating a certain level of personality for your company. Especially when your organization is new, it is important to come out in a classy manner by branding your business well. Branding will not only get you worthy customers but also change the way people start looking at your company. We have heard of all the top brands at present. And think to yourself how you actually feel about them. Indeed there is more value given to each and every product.Now that’s how well their products have been branded.
Branding Agency For Startups is a good move to begin with as your company or business is new. Therefore starting from scratch to give your company a good level of branding will be a good idea. There are plenty of branding agencies who could help you out with this. These agencies have people who specialise in the field of marketing. Therefore they know all the tricks of the trade and how to put your company on top. Rather than getting yourself to do all the branding procedure by yourself, it is good to handover the job to these branding agencies who would strive to do the best job for you.
Although you may have to incur a cost by handing the branding processes to an agency, it is all worth the effort as your company brand would be highlighted the best way should as it is done by the experts. So prepare to separate a special budget for branding and speak to these branding agencies about what you actually require. They would explain the pros and cons of each and every angle you turn to and provide you with more ideas for your company branding. At times the whole entire branding process will be handled by the branding agency, even up naming your brand.
There are so many fields in branding and marketing. Ad Agency For Startups is a good idea as a unique advertisement on television, paper or even magazine would be designed and prepared by these agencies who work hard to put your brand on top. An advertisement on television would be giving a wide exposure just like the social media platform. And these agencies would prepare it well by hiring actors to do the shoot. So if you are looking to start up a brand or even already have one, getting it branded under a branding agency would be the best thing you can do to your company in order to have a stable future for it.