Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Branding: Focus Of Every Business

What is Brand?

There are many ways to answer this question; different people have different definitions about ‘What is a Brand.’ A brand, in short, is everything. It is the face of a company, the product or service of a company; it’s a company’s personality and an overall impression of a customer’s mind. A brand’s image builds up the impression of a customer towards its product or service. A brand is mere thought which exists in the minds of the customers and the Brand’s has to make efforts to keep that thought alive.

Product Vs Brand

The products are classified according to the brand’s interaction and impression upon the customers. The basic need which arises here is to make the product remembered by the Brand, hence, Branding comes into the picture. A product can have various copies but the Branding is something which cannot be copied or implemented again, thus, making a Brand unique in itself.

What is Branding?

Branding is like an asset for any company, it’s the way you shape up your Brand and your company’s identity in your customer’s mind. Branding adds more value to your product and up scales it in the market. It is basically a strategy which helps a Brand and its products to establish themselves in the market and help the customers identify the Brand or the products. 

Branding can also help the customers to maintain a loyalty to the Product as it helps them identify the better product from the copied ones. It also gives you a competitive advantage as branding helps you to research about the customer’s needs and expectations and market your product accordingly. Nowadays, Branding has become a very important tool of marketing as it ignites a sense of satisfaction amongst the customers, which in turn, lets the customers come back to the Brand and market it even further in by word of the mouth.

A Branding agency like Brandwand, is one source which can help your Brand hold a firm position in the market and turns the table in your Brand’s favor. Hence, contacting these agencies will prove to be fruitful for you.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Instagram- A Growing Platform for Marketers

There is no surprise in how Instagram has emerged from just being a social media networking site where people used to share selfies, photos, and videos to the foremost social media marketing platform. Just like other social media platforms Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc., nowadays people are equally involved in making their existence on Instagram too. Making this as a benefit, Instagram is gradually becoming the new favorite of every marketer, just like Facebook used to be there in the past few years.

Nowadays, when creating content has become an important element in any business marketing strategy. In that case, Instagram comes with a lot of opportunities. This includes representing the brand on the digital platform and presenting it to bigger platform by making a connection between users who are constantly on their phone.

Instagram as a tool for marketing helps the marketers to create, implement and execute campaigns after analyzing and understanding the target audience’s preferences. Their preferences can include their likes, dislikes and interests. As an outcome, Brands started giving preferences according to the audience's involvement by making polls, podcasts, quiz and campaigns. Apart from this from this, companies are also able to reach a vast number of audience geographically through Instagram.

Instagram also helps brands to connect with their audience directly, which in return enriches the effective brand-consumer relationship and helps in brand development through different events carried by the companies on their Instagram handles.

Today, Instagram has made a remarkable place in the world of digital marketing. Having an active and well planned Instagram strategy for your business is a great technique to involve your audience on daily basis by the power of pictures and videos.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

The Competitive Market And The Creative Advertising Agency

For any business or brand to run successfully, a good marketing strategy is a must. One must have all the important elements one needs to stand still in this competitive market. For this working with a creative design agency proves fruitful. The agency will help you provide all sort of helps to promote your business, including designs, advertisements, digital services etc.

Here are some reasons showing the importance of investing in a creative design agency-

     1. Online Presence

Online presence these days have become a must. If you are not online that means you lose the customers who are online, resulting in huge loss in your business. Online marketing has grown with time and it has the ability to help grow your business as well. Going online always proves feasible since you can stay connected via your website.

Many companies prefer going to a creative design agency in order to develop a website for their brand or business. A well developed and well organized website impresses the customers and also helps you establish your roots in the market.

Creative agencies help you deliver the message you want to give to your customers. The better the website or the visual presentation of your work, the better footfall and eventually customer bank for your brand.

2. Strong Competition

The increasing development in the market has encouraged various brands to thrive hard to be visible. The chase to deliver best results has hiked the competition in the market. To compete in this strong market, one must be fully loaded with all the qualities and specifications making you capable for the competition. Thus, a creative service becomes a must to make you strong enough to be able to stand still in the wind of the competition. Not having the required resources will make you weak and will lessen your scope of staying in the competition.

3. Improves Advertising

Website development, smoothens the flow of your business and acts like a catalogue expressing your ideas and motives. Thus, a website alone acts as a very strong advertising agency and a creative design company proves fruitful in making this tool powerful enough.

4. Available 24/7

Availability is the foremost important aspect of any business. Having a website makes you available 24/7. So, when a customer approaches you, your physical location maybe closed but your website is open for all the services. Thus, a creative agency helps you staying in touch with the customers on social media every time.

5. Brand Identity

In order to establish your brand identity, one needs to work smart. One needs to have great attraction of consumers so that it helps your brand to gain what you need, an identity. A creative design agency helps you to establish and uplift the brand identity of your brand. Thus, enhancing your availability in the market.

6. Good Communication Process

Strong communication skills are very necessary for a brand to position itself among the best of the best. If you lack in your communication skills, then, you may fail to impress the customer. A creative service can help you have direct contact with the customer including various formats like blogging, digital marketing etc.

Thus, the above mentioned reasons show that, having a creative design company by your side proves healthy and beneficial for all your ventures.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Evolve Your Brand By Creating Digital Content On The Top Platforms

Growing a brand is not an easy task. One needs a brand design agency to achieve the goals of the company to build a brand stronger and better from others in front of the target audience.

We know that a brand needs to be well-posted on various channels of the media. As digital content builds brand reputation, it is important that you choose the right platform to create audience engagement.

Your brand is the reflection of your thinking. Virtual reality is one of the biggest platforms to reach the target market as it provides high-quality videos. It is even predicted to be $30 billion industry in the coming years. Except for virtual reality, augmented reality platform is increasing with time and is expected to rise one billion users by 2020. Augmented reality is like taking a camera view of a location and recognizing an image and adding the essential information to it for the interaction. 

It is also assumed that augmented reality will keep on dominating on mobile phones for travel, entertainment, education and business applications. Today brand management agencies in Delhi and other areas use project mapping to display videos, graphics (3D/2D) and images. This platform of project mapping is used to create viral marketing at events, product launches, conferences and many more.

Over the past year, due to the ease of new kind of technology, businesses find it very easy to use live video streaming platform such as Facebook and Instagram to introduce the brand on live videos and to keep the target audience engaged for a period of time. People love to see events ‘live’ and this has helped the companies to use this to their advantage. 

Live videos include live demonstrations, product launches, Q&A’s etc. With the trend of live videos, insta-stories and snapchat stories are also becoming people’s favorite. Instagram has taken 250 million users while snapchat has taken 166 million users on their platform. Companies use these story features to connect with the audience to increase the credibility and image of the brand.

Friday, 29 June 2018

The Struggle To Choose A Right Creative Agency

A Creative Design Agency is an essential of any advertising campaign. A terrible creative has the ability to destroy even the best and most creative campaigns. The sensory organ with which the gathering of people first judges any creative campaign is the eye. If the campaign is appealing to the eyes then it will definitely grab attention. This is the reason the creative outline or design of any brand is given so much significance, be it the plan of the item or the plan of the advertisement campaign. Creative Design Agencies comprehend this significance of the plan and are conferred and centered to convey the best eye-catchy outlines.

In any case, customers as a rule are associated with a contention to pick between a large and a small creative agency. The tussle is due to big agency offering a brand name and a feeling of value that comes appended with it while a small sized creative agency is an extraordinary example that creativity can abide all around and the imagination in thoughts and outline that it presents is praiseworthy. Other than they are also pocket-friendly.

Let’s see the pros and cons of a big and a small sized agency:

Financial plan

Let’s admit that advertising is an expensive undertaking and huge amount of cash is charged by creative agencies. Large sized creative design agencies are obviously enormous in structure, staff and in this way in their costing too. While, small scale agencies are more pocket-friendly yet the productivity of work may involve concern.

Administration Ability

Large sized creative design agency can deal with advertising campaigns that have a National reach while a , small scale agencies is a useful decision with campaign that take into account a specialty or are campaigns executed on a small scale.


To be sure imagination can't be dictated by the span of an agency. Imagination is boundless and can abide in any and each place. In any case, large scale agencies are greater spots that harbor more creative people in this way more creative personalities take a shot at a specific inventive battle. Small agencies anyway are equipped for offering inventive outlines at a lesser cost while the quality isn't abundantly traded off.

The solution

Brands are constantly disposed towards accomplishing most extreme benefits when settling on a choice with respect to the kind of creative design agency they pick. They are continually attempting to get the benefits of both the large and small sized agencies clubbed into one.

A brand can achieve more noteworthy statures if the correct organization that suits your necessities is contracted!

Friday, 8 June 2018

Advertising Agency: Making A Right Choice

Advertising today has progressed toward becoming in addition a need then extravagance it used to be, couple of years back. Today the opposition in every one of the classes of item and administrations is going haywire and has gone past creative ability. Without a doubt it's the quality and consumer loyalty that chooses the last fate of any item or administration, however in any case one needs to pay notice to the huge assignment of driving in the clients. It's the place a creative ad agency comes in to play.

Their activity is to showcase your item like one of their own. From bundle outlining, to picking the proper target group of onlookers, to choosing the correct mediums of correspondence, to at long last making it a brand, all these fundamental necessities stay in the hands of an Advertising Agency

So inarguably picking the correct agency is one of the significant zones of focus, where even a slight error can bring about enormous misfortunes and here and there adding up to the entire disappointment.

How about we make it clear; there is no particular measuring stick for settling on the right decision here, obviously there is some broad know-how that ought to dependably be remembered before giving out your attractively cut out item in to the hands of an Advertising organisation to sustain.

Give records a chance to represent the volume: First and principal thing that ought to be recalled and searched for is the reputation of the advertisement agency. It's correct that experience is the best instructor and just the individuals who neglect to succeed likewise, yet and still, after all that no body anticipates a disappointment in advance and neither should you make such an endeavor. You essentially don't need anybody to explore different avenues regarding your item. So all things considered, it will be a decent decision to choose the one which has a careful ordeal of doing the thing you are doling out them with.

Neglecting to design is intending to come up short: Planning is the underlying advance of any Endeavor. Be clear of your necessities previously you single out one Ad agency to go ahead with them. You should recognize what you expect and that ought to be passed on suitably to the concerned personals.

Remain Connected: It's your item and it's the Advertising agency In Delhi that will sustain it. It resembles choosing the correct school for your youngster. You generally need to keep in contact with the instructors to guarantee your ward is on the correct way. So also you ought to be altogether connected with the agency executing your task. Demand to get standard customer adjusting so a decent expert bond is manufactured and shared comprehension is produced.
So these are some fundamental criteria's that would enable you to make the intense activity of picking the right Ad agency minimal simple and your decision more exact.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Why Should You Choose A Full Service Ad Agency?

Whenever it comes to getting a creative ad agency for your business, you ought to dependably attempt to locate a full service agency. Why is this so? This is because no one wants to invest in separate vendors for separate functions and services across different aspects of marketing, branding and promotional spectrum. Going for a single agency spares you ample of time and vitality and furthermore confines bothers. Also, you can have a solitary, coordinated and stronger marking effort as opposed to syncing the work done by various sellers and agencies that convey multihued viewpoints to the table. This is a standout amongst the most sensible routes out for organizations who need the correct value for their money! Continuously search for an agency which can take into account all your idle needs in a cost capable and sensible way.

Your agency should first offer branding and creative solutions for promoting the visual across and print platforms. Your agency ought to have the capacity to help you with media buying, planning and positioning apart from covering all parts of standard marketing and branding. Your agency ought to have the capacity to help you think of trail blasting campaigns for the digital media as well. Digital marketing, branding and analytics should be the center zones for the agency. These are rising branding tools and your agency should know how to utilize the same too. The agency should have aptitude in arranging, securing and executing prime time spots on every single media platforms. This is the greatest viewpoint that you should investigate while choosing an ad agency.

A full service dependably works when you are planning integrated campaigns that aim at being inclusive and also, at drawing more and more customers and patrons into the mix. The Advertising agency should be chosen with care and should, essentially, have a capable and experienced group in charge of the issues.