Sunday, 28 January 2018

How Can You Build A Brand Build Without Advertising?

Very often we come across such clients who want to build their brand without allocating any marketing budget for advertising and marketing.

Also, then there are brands that have just grown without spending much on advertising – like Krispy Kreme, Facebook and GoPro – but these are rare exceptions to the general rule and they have been successful for its innovative and excellent products and services.

But is it really possible to build a brand without advertising or marketing? I guess theoretically the answer would be yes. Whereas, PR and word of mouth will also need a lot of time to achieve what you would have achieved otherwise through advertising.

And often the client/brand does not realize that when he says advertising, he means traditional advertising, and excludes all the newly introduced digital platforms and social media, and some of those who adopt mainstream advertising have big pockets and some of the biggest spenders in this domain. However, it is a proven fact that remains the same advertising – particularly traditional advertising – is still the most useful weapon to achieve the desired marketing results.

Now imagine that you are launching a luxury brand. While it’s important that the advertising communication in the domain should reach out to the potential customer, it’s as or even more important that those who cannot afford it should be exposed to the advertisement, as well. Because one of the biggest reason why people choose luxury brands is to flaunt it, and for that others too need to know that such a brand even exists and know it’s real worth in the market. To achieve this, digital advertising targeted exclusively to the target audience alone will not work, but traditional advertising will also deliver huge results.

Another point to be noted is that when a customer sees an advertisement, especially on television, it gives them trust and confidence in the brand. Some of the leading national daily countered it by telling the clients and regular readers that it is far more cost effective to run their ads in print mediums than on TV as newspapers have far more reach, which was indeed true. However I would like to believe that the clients profited by Advertising on TV. Though the reach may have been lower, a TV advertisement lends the brand more stature and also it reaches to the right target group if advertised at the right time on the right channel.

To simply put this, we are still quite far away from seeing the best of advertising, especially in India where most of the brands are under-branded and under-advertised. If you don’t have sufficient funds, and would like to build the brand without advertising much, remember the wise words of Bruce Barton, “In good times, people want to advertise; in bad times, you have to.”

So, take it as our word of advice or suggestion if you are all set to build a brand without advertising. Don’t. 

Monday, 22 January 2018

Advertising Is All About Understanding People And Surprising Them

Hit the road, Keep collecting innovative ideas

Know that your customers always have been the secret recipe to success. Since the very beginning, one should know that the key factor that can either make or break your business is how well you understand your customers and act upon it. No matter how good your product or service is, you really cannot walk on the path of success unless you understand your market well and know what your customers want. Profiling is hence, very important step for a business to understand how their existing set of customers behaves and what sort of people they should ideally be targeting to find and gain new customers. With the advent of the Internet, and automated digital surveys, with the introduction of big data and a host of VOC (Voice of Customer) techniques, customer input is increasingly utilized and taken into account for ad design and improvement to achieve all the desired results.

Your operational efficiency improves when you integrate customer’s valuable feedback, for they are the one who are going to be consume your products/ services so ultimately it is their opinion or insights that really count for a brand whilst strategizing. There are many through which you can speed up transactions and being a creative agency you can also amplify the output of promotional campaigns and work on reducing the errors accordingly.

Understanding customers is important as it helps in decision making for any of the promotions that rely heavily upon them. For a new product, for example, you would simply target and keep up with the customers that are highly profitable, like those who buy products with a high margin, don’t negotiate discounts, don’t cancel or edit orders, make few large orders compared to many small ones, pay on time and do not expect or require extensive service post-purchase. Once identified, you could meet and sit down with a Advertising Agency In New Delhi to have a detailed discussion and make plans accordingly on how to target these customers extensively.

Data collection is rather a easy process. With great ease, you could just pull up sales figures and statistics from different stores in different areas and see how the audience behaves in different ways, or if your business is relatively smaller, you can even ask for long, personal reviews from customers who care. That way, you are able to tailor your operations and offerings to the best fit. You must identify which customers amongst your TG loyal and contribute in your profitability and are the most profitable. As an entrepreneur, you are expected to only learn and grow from each and every decision, success story, and mistake and capitalize on them in the future. Ad agencies also take customer insights very seriously as it shows them how best to market products. Do make sure, however, that in gathering data, you are complying with all the protection and monitoring regulations in place for the data you collect, use and store.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Advertising Is An Idea

Advertisement has infinite number of definitions and meaning attached to it. But for us, an advertisement is an idea to solve the purpose by selling that particular idea.

Aware, Persuade, Convince, Attract etc. are some of the traditional purposes of any advertisement. Now let us explain you why we define advertisement as an idea. A manufacturer has a product to sell in the market. “What he does?” And he stays in Noida, he outsources an Advertising Agency In Delhi NCR which will help him launch his product in the market and create an advertisement campaign to project the product like how it’s supposed to be perceived as to increase its sale. “What does an advertising agency does?”  The ad agencies discuss the targets with the manufacturers. These targets are discussed within the creative team internally of the ad agency.

Where the term “creative” comes there it is obvious that it has seriously something related to the idea. The creative team brain storms and comes up various strategies and multiple approaches. Those strategies are discussed with the manufacturer. With the mutual consent they all agree upon a particular strategy and start executing and implementing it.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Choose Smart Branding Solutions In India

Trying to build a new brand or planning to do branding for your company? It doesn't necessarily mean designing a logo and advertising your brand or organisation. Nowadays, every brand should hire branding agency which not only do all the above mentioned jobs for you but these agencies would also help in narrating a story about your company or brand.

Therefore, before when you go start searching for a branding design agency which could help turn your business, here are some below mentioned points which you should read through-

Think and comprehend your business - To start with the branding for your company, you need to first understand the nature of your business and do a thorough research about the industry and its competitors. Generally, the branding agencies these days will just try to impress you with their past work. It is not always about the designs that you have created but it is about the innovation in everything. It is for you to decide whether the branding agency you have approached has understood your business and requirements.

Creativity - Go to those people who can make you stand out with excellent creative work in terms of designing, marketing among your competitors in the market. You can review them based on their old work. Always give a roundabout idea of your opinion and let them nurture that to lead on to something new.

Previous result -It is always better to know in details about what you are investing in. Always do question and answer with the branding agency you plan on hiring. Ask about how they have handled previous clients and planned marketing strategies. The best way to enquire is to ask for the reports.

The mechanism for branding - Every Advertising Agency has a certain kind of mechanism and different way of working by which it marks its presence. They often like to use catchy names and give different names for all the processes they follow. Ask for the process by which they are going to change the game for your company. And they will tell you. This could be termed as a deciding factor.

Thus, keep these factors in mind while choosing a smart branding agency which will help in providing publicity and promotions solutions in India.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Brandwand: The No.1 Ad Agency In Delhi

The advertising agencies have been developing in Delhi and the NCR at a quick pace in the course of recent years. WARC additionally reports that while India's publicizing market is the littlest in the gathering of BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), now it is set for fast development, with the development of +18.5% in 2011 and +19% in 2012. With such high rate of expected development, and high expectations Delhi and NCR are prepared to end up noticeably the center point for promoting, beating Mumbai. Aside from the nearness of multi-national advertising agencies, there're various similar small organizations that have cut a specialty for themselves in the market for their imagination.

 The No. 1 advertisement office in Delhi NCR has demonstrated how the correct brand discernment, right procedure, and adequacy can in a general sense change the business and the business standpoint. Known as the most inventive promoting office in Delhi NCR, We accumulates an amazing customer list and appreciates lucky notoriety among its associates. The reason is straightforward. Brandwand trusts that nobody can battle "the thought". That is the reason the advertising agencies achieve the thought through an exceptionally very much characterized process i.e. investigation of the customer's briefs, prerequisites, statistical surveying, a target group of onlookers examination, determination of ideal media use, idea improvement and its testing, at that point the last creation.

The organization embraces a reasoning of being a piece of its customers' advertising group, and, along these lines works as an inseparable unit with them. The relationship forms a shared trade that proceeds all through every single formative stage and ever after.
 However, marking and publicizing is the center regions where organization discovers its incomparable mastery.

Branding - We starts with transforming an item into a brand. The imaginative organization can possibly re-characterize a current brand as well and hold it high. A brand that the customers can identify with. And keep in mind that doing this, Brandwand holds fast to the standards of creativity, development, and creation while watching out for our Target Group and parallel promoting as well, while working reliably to augment the TG. What's more, this thusly benefits twofold to the customers.

 Advertising - We encapsulates the center estimations of imagination, development and consumer loyalty. The innovative office deliberately enables the customers to imagine, distinguish and plan chances to expand their business on the web. Brandwand is an ideal mix of understanding and youth, comprises of dynamic, skilled and persevering experts who have a dream to engage customers in promoting devices for their business development.