Monday, 26 March 2018

Understanding The Working Of A Creative Agency

An Advertising agency is the route map provider which a company follows to make marketing and promotions easy. It creates, plans and promotes advertisements according to the needs of their clients. An ad agency can be in-house or an independent agency working to provide marketing, branding and sales promotion solutions. There are many Advertising Agencies In Delhi which caters the needs of potential clients.

The advertising agency as following departments-

Market Research
Accounts Management or Sales/Client Servicing
Copy writing
Graphics Design Team
Media Planners

These departments run hand in hand operations to work out the information provided by the client and pitch ideas accordingly. Thus, helping the agency to deliver its best.

Terms related to the business:


An advertising agency needs to prepare a pitch before making cold calls. Just maintaining the current accounts and clients is not enough, an agency needs to keep looking for new clients in order to expand the business. Before creating a pitch, a thorough market research is conducted in order to locate clients and business who could use our services. Then, a proposal including the brand portfolio is sent via email.


After, a potential client shows interest in the proposal, a meeting is fixed to work out the scope of work and discuss the client’s needs and expectations. This presentation includes all the past works and clients associated with the agency along with a brief description of the agency as well. It contains logos, brochures, billboards, banners, campaigns etc.


Once the client comes on board, the actual work begins. The creative team has to come up with ideas and designs with respect to the client’s brief. The creative team is liable to create innovate posts and then the content team comes up with a suitable content. This is the stage where everybody works in sync to deliver the best of best to the client. Next, the developed ad or creative is sent to the client for approval.

Media Planning:

Once the client approves the creative, the media planning department comes to function. This department works for media buying, i.e. buying spaces in newspapers, billboards, hoardings etc. so that the creative can be placed on these spaces and the client’s media presence is improved. They also indulge in market research in order to identify the preferable mediums for placing the advertisement.

In conclusion, we can say that for having total marketing solutions one can undoubtly rely on An Advertising Agency and in turn the agency has to work hard to deliver the best quality results.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

How Brand Marketing Can Transform Your Business

Businesses can be managed easily but for further growth of a business it must acquire expert services from Brand marketing agencies. Brand Marketing is essential for business who wants to expand and who wants to establish them self as a popular brand in the market. Brand is an Identity, be it tangible or intangible, which sells by name. So in case to establish a brand name in the industry, a business should acquire fully fledged services from agencies that specialize in Brand Marketing.

Moreover, naming a brand is one of the crucial aspects as name is what that leaves an image and promise in consumers’ mind. Name itself should assure the costumer that the brand delivers high quality and satisfactorily product. All symbols like Logo & Design related to the brand also plays a vital role while leaving image and perception in consumers mind.

Main objective of Brand marketing is not just to sell the product but also to create a perception in customers’ mind about the product. Brand should leave a long lasting impact on its customer’s mind that next time the customer gets back to the same brand without any hesitation. Various approaches and strategies are used by experts for transforming a normal business into a brand. Creativity is the most basic prerequisite in the process of branding.

Brand Marketing Agencies like BrandWand plays the Ad on regular basis that gives consumer an idea about the Identity and existence of a brand. Advertising, the most important strategy of Brand marketing, online or conventional, covers all the due left in branding. Advertisement should be enough creative, innovative and played on repetitive mode that it pastes an image on every bodies mind. Unique approach in Ads like advertisers uses sense of today’s lifestyle to make people realize what they are lacking at. Follow up actions like feedback to know that at what parameters is a brand suffering, should be there.