Monday, 23 July 2018

Evolve Your Brand By Creating Digital Content On The Top Platforms

Growing a brand is not an easy task. One needs a brand design agency to achieve the goals of the company to build a brand stronger and better from others in front of the target audience.

We know that a brand needs to be well-posted on various channels of the media. As digital content builds brand reputation, it is important that you choose the right platform to create audience engagement.

Your brand is the reflection of your thinking. Virtual reality is one of the biggest platforms to reach the target market as it provides high-quality videos. It is even predicted to be $30 billion industry in the coming years. Except for virtual reality, augmented reality platform is increasing with time and is expected to rise one billion users by 2020. Augmented reality is like taking a camera view of a location and recognizing an image and adding the essential information to it for the interaction. 

It is also assumed that augmented reality will keep on dominating on mobile phones for travel, entertainment, education and business applications. Today brand management agencies in Delhi and other areas use project mapping to display videos, graphics (3D/2D) and images. This platform of project mapping is used to create viral marketing at events, product launches, conferences and many more.

Over the past year, due to the ease of new kind of technology, businesses find it very easy to use live video streaming platform such as Facebook and Instagram to introduce the brand on live videos and to keep the target audience engaged for a period of time. People love to see events ‘live’ and this has helped the companies to use this to their advantage. 

Live videos include live demonstrations, product launches, Q&A’s etc. With the trend of live videos, insta-stories and snapchat stories are also becoming people’s favorite. Instagram has taken 250 million users while snapchat has taken 166 million users on their platform. Companies use these story features to connect with the audience to increase the credibility and image of the brand.