Monday, 30 April 2018

Redesigning And Revamping A Logo

A corporate often indulge in making attractive logos, since it also plays a very important role in building the company’s position. It is merely a company’s visual representation in the market. People know a company through its logo and if the logo is not worth seeing or too complicated to remember then it will directly hamper a company’s position in the market.

Logo design is often used by a businessman for promotions by using it in presentations, signatures, welcome kits etc. as mentioned earlier, the design of a logo should be such that it depicts the true image of the company, for people to relate easily. But over time, one must also indulge in Revamping or redesigning of the company’s corporate image. This should be done to keep the presence of the company alive in the market, so that people don’t forget it. Many big companies like Adidas, Puma, etc. have also done the same over a period of time.

Why is redesigning necessary?

A little shift in the marketing strategy or goals of a company does no harm, instead, it uplifts the brand even more. Like it’s said that if you see something for a very long time, you tend to get used to it or even get bored. Similarly, a company’s brand image or the brand Logo should have some changes after a definite period of time. These changes can happen at any time, either on merger, on launching a startup or just willing to change because it has been a very long time following the same policies. At times, it happens that the logo design becomes obsolete or boring, then the company must change it. But changing the logo completely could also harm the company’s reputation. Since, people might not accept it completely. One can make slight changes like, changing the appearance of graphic symbol but one must not forget to make the changes legal by copyrighting them. Getting it legal, makes sure that you are not copying any other design. It also makes sure that nobody else copies your design or color scheme. Many logo designing companies are available in Delhi itself, who can help you in giving your business a new look and a fresh position in the market.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Advertising Agency- Why Go For It?

People have a confused mindset related to advertising agencies, they believe that an ad agency is for big brands only. However, what people don’t know is that these agencies also run small campaigns and place ads on local media which is not very costly and anybody can afford it. Any business of any size can indulge in hiring an agency to benefit its working and marketing. There are many Advertising agencies in Delhi, which can be used for your benefit.
Some of these benefits are-
Any advertising agency, if is in business, must have one important thing to survive and that is expertise. Since, small scale business mostly do not have their own marketing departments, they can easily utilize the agency’s resources to their benefit, since the agency can offer them expertise. These agencies have many contacts like artists, film makers, media buyers etc. some agencies even have their own team dedicated to do all these stuffs other than providing contacts. So, going for an agency is quite a good option.
Time saving
For running a successful business, time management is a must. Being a business is already a tough task and wasting time in all the activities other than the main business can prove unfruitful. Thus, having a creative advertising agency by your side to cover up all the marketing related work is a good option. Also, outsourcing nowadays is a very good option, since it helps you save time and you can focus on your business without getting distracted by any other activity. This would also help you maximize your staff’s potential as they would focus on their respective task, for which they have been trained.
Energy saving
An advertising agency will manage all your work related to advertising and marketing be it social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, developing and manages website, designing campaigns, running campaigns, media buying,etc.thus, making sure that all the energy of the organization is focused on one main goal and other things are managed by the agency itself.
Money Saving
Many people will think that buying the services of an agency can definitely save time, increase efficiency but it will cost more. This is not true, since the agency will help you save on ad placement, publishing, TV stations, Radio stations and newspapers and can also help you grab reasonable discounts. Thus, helping you to bag more savings.
Brand Development
Any business after getting established needs some sort of development at some point or other. An Ad agency apart from doing the advertising and marketing works, can also help you better your business by providing brand development solutions. They are into research and development and hence, benefit your business.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Emergence Of Advertising Agencies In Delhi

The economic development in the Indian market has ignited the emergence of advertising agencies in Delhi. Also, letting them meet out the global standards. Advertising agency has not only grown big but has also become extremely serious with a worth of Rs. 13200 crore approximately. Advertising agency has also developed the performance skills and quality of work over time.

Also, the increased media attention and fast growing internet and television networks has resulted in a paradigm shift of the Branding Agency.

Talking about the services provided by the advertising agency, it has a 360 degree role in a brands or a company’s marketing map. Some of the services are- advertisements for print-ads, televisions, email-marketing, radio promotions, creative websites, outdoor promotions, communications, web banners and a lot more. Thus, proving the above statement right, we can say that, the advertising agency offer whole load of services.

An advertising agency is nothing without the people behind its working, be it a copy-writer or a creative designer, everybody is adamant to work hard to make their agency the Best adverting agency in Delhi and in India. The creative team members can be the permanent ones or hired on a project basis but everybody is driven by only one main force and that is, Success.

These agencies also have contacts with various media agencies or media buyers, some modern agencies have their own departments looking after media buying. Apart from this, different department have different responsibilities which are meted out by efficient agencies only.