Friday, 9 November 2018

Brand Interior And Its Exposure

The era we are living in currently with the advancement in technology is actually new, and still in the evolution process. Internet facility has become untethered because of Wi-Fi connectivity that took a leap to come in existence in recent years. Also, it led to increase in the speed of Mobile Internet. The advancement came with introduction of iPhone, with its super-compatible operating system. It was more like you are carrying a computer in your pocket.
In this new design-led area, two major things are happening:
- Everyday experiences are being virtualized, Whatever Human experience we used to have, are now being converted into Apps and software. You need to book a taxi? No need to go on running on streets, book it through your phone! Need Groceries? No need to go and buy, order through your phone! Adding filters to your photos, edit your photos on phone itself. There are so many possibilities that have been opened through this gateway.
- Customer connection with Brands has become deep and meaningful. The more the brand is niche, the more people get attract to it. Brands have their own identification, and the brands you use; build your identification. They target the insights of the customer problems/requirements and market their brand according to it. Need to lose that extra body fat? Contact us. They set the message that gives you a personal touch, and excites you to dig deep into their branding technique! And that’s what causes deep interactions between brands and customers.
Designing doesn’t strictly mean being pretty. Designing doesn’t necessarily mean good usability. Good design doesn’t even have to involve technology. The perfect design is where you engage you audience in it, and invoke interest in them to look for more, or to look deeper. Gone are those days, where a bit of creativity made you have an edge over others. Now everybody has expanded the horizons of their mind in Branding, and has increased the difficulties for their competition. The designing feature is to be different and inviting, and just not be anything for the sake of it. ‘New and fresh’ attracts people, if added with a witty touch. So, the next time you think about designing, think about decorating your house interior, where you would want people to come and visit.

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