Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Instagram- A Growing Platform for Marketers

There is no surprise in how Instagram has emerged from just being a social media networking site where people used to share selfies, photos, and videos to the foremost social media marketing platform. Just like other social media platforms Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc., nowadays people are equally involved in making their existence on Instagram too. Making this as a benefit, Instagram is gradually becoming the new favorite of every marketer, just like Facebook used to be there in the past few years.

Nowadays, when creating content has become an important element in any business marketing strategy. In that case, Instagram comes with a lot of opportunities. This includes representing the brand on the digital platform and presenting it to bigger platform by making a connection between users who are constantly on their phone.

Instagram as a tool for marketing helps the marketers to create, implement and execute campaigns after analyzing and understanding the target audience’s preferences. Their preferences can include their likes, dislikes and interests. As an outcome, Brands started giving preferences according to the audience's involvement by making polls, podcasts, quiz and campaigns. Apart from this from this, companies are also able to reach a vast number of audience geographically through Instagram.

Instagram also helps brands to connect with their audience directly, which in return enriches the effective brand-consumer relationship and helps in brand development through different events carried by the companies on their Instagram handles.

Today, Instagram has made a remarkable place in the world of digital marketing. Having an active and well planned Instagram strategy for your business is a great technique to involve your audience on daily basis by the power of pictures and videos.

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